Why you need a Chinese Name when living in Taiwan?



Having a Chinese name is very important when living in Taiwan. It allows local Taiwanese to address you, because English names are very difficult to pronounce for Taiwanese. As a Chinese born overseas, I never take this advice seriously before I decide to live here. Before you ask these following questions: “What is my Chinese name?” or “can you convert my name to Chinese?” Please don’t:

  • Make up your own name.
  • Use some kind of automated name generator
  • Ask people on the internet to make it.

If you do one of these, you have a possibility of make up a very funny and nonsense-sounding names. Usually for foreigners they get their names from their teachers. What I meant like a real Chinese names not only Chinese name taken directly from English and then use it as your name. (e.g: 大衛,馬克,約翰,etc.) I have heard a very funny story or some funny meme about a very hilarious names (Some of them are Chinese people). Do these and you will save yourself from embarrassment.

Some of the hilarious name that I heard from the Internet and real stories:


Gāo fù shuài

Tall, rich and handsome



Jiāng Zémín

President of People Republic of China (1993-2003)