What do Taiwanese lovers call each other?









Have you ever curious what does Taiwanese people call their boyfriend/girlfriend? Or you even getting married with a Taiwanese, dating a Taiwanese or starting to look for

Taiwanese boyfriend/girlfriend? Rest assured, I will tell you some ideas to address your

lover/partner in Chinese.

老公 (for male) / 老婆 (for female)

This is most common nickname for husband and wives. In my opinion these nicknames

are quite corny but trust me, Taiwanese love these nickname!

Call their name

This is quite common as well, if you are not really that close (possible because you are

just recently dating.) But beware, since you call other people by names as well; some

girls or guys can be jealous since you treat them same with other people.

欸 Āi

Literally means hey, some people like to call each other hey, hey, hey. Some variants

may be pulling clothes or a tap to the shoulder.

臭 chou

Means ‘smelly’. Weird, why would someone call their lover smelly? These nicknames

more being funny rather than romantic. This nickname has many variants such as: 臭寶

(chòu bǎo = smelly treasure) 、臭皮蛋 (chòu pídàn = smelly egg).

笨 Bèn

Same like above, calling your lover stupid is more being funny than being romantic.

Trust me, when I heard this nickname I also feel a bit weird. I will never call my girlfriend

‘stupid or smelly.’

Appearance / Animals

Some girlfriends/boyfriends found their nickname from their outer appearance or using

animals that look like them, such as: 胖胖 (Pàng pàng= fatty), 豬 (Zhū = pig), 熊貓

(Xióng māo = panda), etc.