5 Reasons Why Living in Taiwan is Awesome





There are a lot of things to love about Taiwan! I never been to Taiwan before in my life.However, visiting Taiwan for the first time it literally changes my life forever. Here are 5 reasons why living in Taiwan has made this Indonesian guy cannot leave.


1. 7-11

Taiwanese 7-11 has change my life. What not to love? Mostly its 24-hour and you can do pretty much everything in here. Paying your bills? Photocopying important documents? Top-up your prepaid phone? Buying ticket to your favorite singer? Done. You can have a meal here and it tastes not bad.


Taiwan is a very safe country. Taiwan has a very low crime rate. I came from Indonesia and I really appreciate how safe Taiwan is. They have really good policeman that makes me feel safe all the time.

3. Food

Taiwan has been long known for its food culture. Night markets, street stalls, etc. Taiwan has a lot of awesome food that makes you gain weight the moment you live here. Taiwan has a lot of diverse food from a lot of cultures.

4. Transportation system

I have lived in Singapore for 2,5 years during my college days. In my opinion, Taiwan transportation is much better than Singapore. The trains are very reliable and it moving in a higher speed. Although the bus driving is making me crazy sometimes, but it is still very awesome. The best thing about Taiwan transportation system is they give discounts to the students and they allow you to take train one last time, even if you don’t have enough money.

5. Taiwanese people


In Taiwan, I have received a very hospitable treatment from the locals. They are very warm-hearted and kind. I have a Taiwanese granny give me a spare umbrella when I didn’t bring one. I was very touched by their kindness and I will never forget them.