Pokemon Go, or not to go? 寶可夢go不go




Launched in July this year, pokemon has tremendously changes people’s behavior, and thus provokes extensive discussion. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality mobile game developed on the basis of the same-named media franchise released in 1996. The mobile game requires players to go out and explore their neighberhood in search of pokemons. Once spotting a pokemon, players throw balls at it without fighting, which is a major difference compared to the original game-boy version. This makes Pokemon Go simple and thus accepted widely. Published earlier last month, it became a huge hit immediately with over a billion downloads and daily traffic supasses ppopular social websites such as facebook.在今年七月發行的遊戲寶可夢go大大地改變了人們的行為,也因此引發諸多討論。寶可夢go是一款虛擬實境的手機遊戲,背景基礎為1996年發行的同名game-boy遊戲。此款手機遊戲規定玩家必須外出探所居住的社區尋找寶可夢。一旦發現寶可夢的蹤跡,玩家只需將寶貝球丟向牠而不須作戰;這個特點正是此款手機遊戲與原版game-boy遊戲最不同的地方。該特點也使得寶可夢go更平易近人而廣受歡迎。上個月才剛發行,該遊戲立即成為當紅炸子雞,下載總次數超過十億,而每日瀏覽量更超越知名社交網站,如facebook。

As the popularity increases, strange scenes like people flocking to the park in a second or roaming along the river bank for hours must scare some elders to death so some famous ones posted their worried thoughts on facebook, which later became a debate over whether young people getting obsessed with the game can be a threat to the country.


People holding negtive attitude toward the game believes Pokemon Go players are so engaged that they will definitely contribute to the rise of accidents and also be distracted from work or study, which may ultimately lead to decrease of average competitive power. Therefore, some cons-holding parents prohibit their kids from playing the game, while others try hard to prove the relation between disasters and Pokemon Go.


However, what these conservative people don’t realize is Pokemon Go has brought a new way of  doing business, which has been googled for hundreds of times as “ Pokemon marketing.” Lots of shop owners have already participated in the game, shared tools players might need and even offered prize to winners in order to attract more customers. With the help of social media like Facebook sharing their new strategies, these stores are making huge profits on the trend.


Also, as the game requires players to leave the house and move around, the average time people spend on exercise has been promoted greatly. As a result, it decreases the development of cardiovascular, metabolic and other chronic diseases.


When an unexpected craze comes, it’s a pitty not to think about how people can take advantages of it, how students can be inspired by it and how local governments can make improvements onto anything related. Afterall, being on the wrong side of history is always regrettable.