How to contact a student reminding him/her to book a course?


We are often busy, which make us forget to keep studying new things. Students can also encounter the same problem, and he/she may forget to take classes. In order to assist teachers to better help the students’ learning, we provide a “SMS & E-mail” function. As shown in Picture A, after clicking on the icon you can send a message to the student you want to get in touch with. Even if the student is off-line or haven’t log in Amazing Talker, he/she will receive the “newsletter” you sent.

We recommend sending brief content, and invite your student to send you a message on our official page. Leave your name, surname, andwebsite link on the message; in this way you will allow him/her to book a course right after reading it. Here’s an example:

“Hello Abner, I’m your English teacher, Peter. I know you may have been very busy recently and didn’t have time to study, but to learn you must be persistent. I really wish to assist you in learning English well. If you have time just come to book a course on!”

Simple greetings and care will let the students better appreciate and trust you. Hurry up and use “SMS & E-mail” to contact your students!