【Teachers Manual】AmazingTalker教師使用說明手冊



  • 基本功能更改 Changing the basic functions

Step1. 更改個人資料 Edit Profile

更改自己的大頭貼  》檢查你的郵件 》更改時區 》更改國家。

Change your avatar 》 Check your email again 》Change your time zone 》Change your country

P.S. 點選圖片,即可觀看大圖。Click on the image to enlarge it. 

Step2. 課表 Schedule


Teacher Information 》Schedule

(1) 選擇最短可被預約時間:




(1) Choose your shortest preparation time period:

You are able to decide the minimum time period to be notified that a student has booked your class.

The shortest preparation time period will be shown on each teacher’s wall page, to increase the personal competitiveness of each teacher.

(P.S. A shorter time will give you a better chance at finding new students and will increase the chances that a student will reserve your class, while a longer time will give you sufficient time to prepare your lessons in advance. )

(2) 固定課表使用方式:

  • 每週複製同樣的開課時間,可持續複製一年。
  • 刪除方式:按下並拖曳已選取的時間將可以選擇〝本週不排課〞與〝全部刪除〞。



若未來有學生預約了老師無法出席的時間,可以在”教師資訊“>>“課程清單” 課程的右上角選擇取消課程並告知學生無法出席的原因。

(2)Fixed teaching availability schedule:

  • Keep copying the same available period for the following year.

  • How to “Delete": Select the available period you set before, you can choose “not to teach in this week” and “Delete all”.

If you choose “not to teach in this week”, your available period will turn deeply red on your schedule and the period can not be reserved by students. If you choose ”Delete all”, the whole period you set will be deleted in the future.

If students reserve the time you can’t attend, you can find “Teacher information “ and select “classes list” on the top right corner to cancel the class and notify your students the reason why you aren’t available.

Step3. 課程價格 Course Price


We recommend you choose the option: "First time is free of charge." You will be able to recruit more students.

更改您的上課價格 (五堂與十堂課的價格可優惠於單堂,將會增加學生的購買意願。)

Change your class rate. To attract more students, we advise you can set your price as following: The more session that the student book with you, the cheaper the price will be.

Step4. 設定帳戶 Account Info


We'll appropriate the money on 15th of each month through two ways. The first one is Paypal. The second one is bank account. (The second way is only provided in Taiwan.)

請填入以下資訊:銀行名稱 》分行名稱 》帳戶持有人姓名 》銀行代碼 》帳戶號碼。

Please fill out the following information:Name of the bank 》Branch of the bank 》Owner Name of the Account 》Bank Code 》 Account Number

  • 如何授課 How to teach

Step1. 教師設定頁面 Teacher set

Step2. 您的課程 Your Course

當有學生Booking您的課程,將會同步收到E-mail通知與“授課清單”的欄位出現。點選 ”Go To Class”可以進入教室(老師可以在10分鐘前進入教室)。

P.S. 我們使用 “Zoom” 上課,進入教室後即可下載;也可以先行下載上完課記得留下評語給學生。

When the students book your class, You will immediately receive notifications by email. And the calendar will immediately change.Click “Go To Class”to enter the classroom,the teachers are able to enter the classroom 10 minutes earlier.

P.S. we use “Zoom”to teach class online. After entering the classroom, a download will start automatically.You can also download "Zoom" earlier. After the class is finished, don’t forget to leave comments. 

Step3. 如何使用"Zoom"?How to use "Zoom"?

進入教室後,電腦會自動下載"Zoom"。點選”啟動應用程式” 。

After you enter the classroom, a download will start automatically. Click “Launch Application”

點選”語音設備測試”。Click “Test Computer Mics & Speakers”


Click test Speaker to make sure you can hear others. And please speak to your microphone.

謝謝你的參與! Thank you for your participation!