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The Chinese version 中文版連結:教師使用說明手冊【中文版】


Please click the upper right corner “Teacher” to enter the setting page.


Changing the basic functions


・Preparation Time

Here you can set up how many hours ago at the latest students can book your lessons. Remember, if the preparation time you set up is shorter, please make sure that you can get the reservation message anytime and attend the class on time.


・Weekly schedule/Calendar

・Weekly schedule:
When you here set up your available session, system would help you to set up with the available time in all following weeks automatically.

You can set up your monthly available time here, simply click the date to choose your own schedule.


Please input the lesson price into the space right after USD (as the red circle in picture), besides, there could be some discounts when buying five or ten classes at a time which would increase the willingness of purchases.
You can click "Add Sessions" to add more sessions, remember to press the “update” button when you finish setting.

Remember, you have to complete the lesson first then get the payment next month, therefore teacher should take the initiative in encouraging students to reserve the lessons.


You can set up your teacher profile on “Teacher Setting” page, including Informations, Teaching Experiences, Introduction Video and Income setting. Remember to make sure that your payment account is correct, so you will be able to get the payment on 15th every month.


The procedure of basic charge and courses


step1.  The student buy class and reserve the time
First of all, students would buy your classes and reserve the time. At the same time, you'd receive an email.


When students book your lessons successfully, the lesson will automatically plan to “my schedule”, you can know more details of the lesson by clicking the session time.
Moreover, the Green button represents unfinished class, Red button represents you don’t check status of class, and Gray button represents all process done.

There are three different status of lesson: Before class, 10 mins before class and After the class ends.

· Before class:

Before the class, you can see the button “coming soon” and “cancel”, if you want to cancel the class please cancel within the specified time.


・10 mins before class:

When you see the “coming soon” button turn into “go to class” button, at that time you cannot cancel the class anymore. Click “go to class” button, system will open the video software “Zoom” automatically. If you first use Zoom, system will download Zoom first (the followings will show you how to use Zoom) after downloading, you will enter the class automatically.


・After the class ends

After the class, please make sure the status of your class. If you have completed the lesson, click “Complete” button. Remember, if you didn’t click the “Complete” button, this class will not be contained in your payment.
When you need to return the class to students, please click “reschedule” button, then students may re-reserve the class to another time. Remind your students of re-booking the class if necessary.


You can see your monthly payment on "Income Report" page. Payment is based on the amount number of classes you have completed and clicked the "Complete" button from last month.
For example, if you have completed 4 classes in Feb, but there is one class that you clicked the "Complete" button in March, then you will receive the payment of 3 classes on 15th of March, and will receive the other 1 class on 15th of April.

AmazingTalker will charge 15% of the platform fee from your payment, and the other fees are taken by the third party payment company (they charge it when the student pay to us and we remit the payment to you ).
・pay2go : 2.8%
・Paypal : 4.4% + fixed fee based on the currency received*
*For example, for payments received in USD, the fixed fee is $0.30 USD.


How to start a class

教師手冊 (如何授課)2 英-01.jpg

When you are going to start a class for the first time, the system would download « ZOOM » automatically after clicking on the « Go To class » button. However, you could also download it in advance.


After clicking on « download », please click on « Launch Application ».


After finishing downloading, you would enter the classroom where you could click « Test  Computer Mics & Speakers » to check your equipment.


Check your speaker and microphone.

If there’s no problem, you could start the class. Besides, as you click on the « Go To class » button, the system would open Zoom automatically.


FAQ for Teacher

  • How much is the commission?
    Teachers could decide their own tuition of every class and every class package. Amazing Talker would take a 15% fee as service charge.
  • When do I receive the payment?
    On every 15th of a month, Amazing Talker would remit money to your account via PayPal or bank.
  • What should I prepare to be a qualified teacher on Amazing Talker?
    1. Teaching Equipment: The stable Internet, a headset with microphone and a webcam are necessary.
    2. Others: Every lesson will be conducted on Zoom Video Communication.
    3. Amazing Talker suggests that you have a qualified teacher certificate, but it is not necessary. We would decide whether you are approved as a teacher on Amazing Talker based on your application documents.
  • Am I able to apply without relevant teaching certificate?
    Yes. Teacher certificate is not necessary; however, you could offer other documents that help Amazing Talker know more about you.
  • When would my teacher qualification be deprived?
    Being late, leaving early without a proper reason and accused by students of inappropriate behaviors will possibly lead to the end of the contract.
  • Why can’t I upload my video?
    Please offer the original web address instead of the short one. If there’s a “&” in the web address, please delete it as well as following words.
  • Why am I unable to find myself on the Teacher Wall?*
    If your profile is still being verified, it will not appear on the Teacher Wall. If you are sure that your profile has been verified, please try to refresh the website again.
  • How do I increase my number of students?
    You can increase your profile visibility by adding more availability to your schedule.
  • How is my profile sorted in terms of visibility? 
    Your profile visibility is sorted and displayed depending on your availability. More availability will mean that your profile on the Teacher Wall will be displayed towards the front.
  • How do I cancel or change the date or time of a session request?
    Please go to your Teacher profile page and find the session you want to cancel. Then, simply click “CANCEL”. If you are unable to teach at a confirmed session, please notify the students and cancel the class. Students may then reschedule.
  • What can I do if students fail to attend their classes?
    Please message students directly or contact Customer Service for help. If students remain offline 15 minutes after the beginning of the session, you may leave. We recommend that you contact the students to try and resolve any potential problems, but teachers are entitled to retain the session fees.
  • Why have I not received payment?
    We will notify teachers after all remittances. If you have not received any notifications, please check that the banking details you provided are correct. If you still do not receive payment after you have confirmed your bank account, please contact Customer Service.


Thank you for your participation!