It's very easy to make New Year's resolutions in the heat of enthusiasm and glowing joy but most of us are more familiar with the difficulty of sticking to the resolutions! It is possible but it does take focus, planning, and a determination to stick with the resolutions for the same amount of time it takes to change a habit, so that the resolutions also turn into new habits.



1.Realize that New Year's day is just another day and that making resolutions on this day is no different from making a resolution on any other day.  


While it's a convenient time because it's a new year and therefore feels like a new beginning, placing too much emphasis on it being a brand new start of the day your whole life is going to change is unrealistic. Think of the occasion more as a catalyst for change and a jumping-off point.



2.Pinpoint your most realistic resolutions.                                                                      


Review the different areas in your life and think about what is working as well as what isn't. Instead of picking the same old resolutions that you can never seem to keep, like losing weight, giving up smoking or winning an award, choose an area that you know needs improvement rather than a radical change. Think long term and make sure it's something you can realistically see happening. And reduce the amount of resolutions you make – hone down that list of 10 resolutions to just one or two, or be prepared to approach your resolutions one after another rather than all at once.

  • For instance, perhaps you don't see enough of your friends or you never ring your mum. Working on these seemingly simple things may be more rewarding in the long run.

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  • Longer term goals such as learning a new language or controlling your temper are also fine but they must be broken down into chunks so that you don't have unrealistic expectations and then give up too easily.



3.Write down your resolutions.                                                                                    


Once you have decided on your achievable resolutions, write them down. You could even make a contract with yourself stating what you will set out to do and sign it to make it official. Writing down the resolutions creates a greater connection between your thinking self and your doing self and makes the resolution appear more real than if you simply think it in your head.



4. Focus on one change at a time.                                                                                


Rather than trying to have several large changes underway at once, such as trying to lose weight, quit smoking, and increase your exercise regime, break the changes down into smaller lots and focus on one single resolution at a time. Your focus and energies won't be spread too thinly this way and you can give the single resolution all of your attention.

  • Break down each change into smaller steps and make the first step incredibly easy. For example, if you want to start flossing, the first step can be to locate the floss in the supermarket.

  • Find routine trigger points during your day for implementing your resolution. For example, when you're eating a meal, brushing your teeth, putting out the pets, etc. Choose times that provide natural triggers for doing whatever it is your resolution is about an tack the resolution behavior onto the existing habit.


  • 把目標分成小的步驟而且把第一步設定的非常容易。例如,如果你想要使用牙線,那第一步就是找出超級市場的牙線放在哪裡。

  • 當你在實行目標的時候,找出日常的觸發點。例如,當你吃飯,接著刷牙、把寵物放出門等等。選擇一個恰好的時機去做目標中要做的事情,是一個把行為變成習慣的方法。


5.Use positive language rather than negative demands when thinking about doing your resolution.                                                                                                                    


For example, rather than thinking "I can't be bothered going to the gym", think "I always feel so much better for going to the gym and I love that feeling." Highlighting the benefit to you is far more motivating than focusing on the negatives and self-deprecation for not doing it as expected.



6.Make the change a gradual one.                                                                                  


A resolution is unlikely to be enduring if you implement it in its totality the first day. Giving up your favorite daily treats cold turkey will probably cause you to think about them endlessly and finally give in to resuming eating them. Instead, slowly wean yourself off the treats by eating less of them each week, until you are no longer including them in your daily eating regime.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to make the change. At least 21 days of pursuing a new habit are needed to break the old habit, and a good period of time to set a new resolution in place is around two months, after which time it should feel much easier to meet your resolution.


  • 給自己多一點時間做出改變。養成一個習慣至少要二十一天,而戒掉一個習慣也是,設定目標的期限最好是兩個月左右,經過這些時間之後,將會比較容易達成目標。


7.Get some support.                                                                                                    


Tell a friend or your loved ones whom you trust about your resolution. They will provide you with support and keep you focused on your goal. And if you are wavering at all, their support will ensure you don't give up, just in case you feel like a quitter.

  • Consider joining an online support group for specific resolutions such as losing weight, giving up chocolate, or training for the next marathon. Having people you can talk to at any time of day or night can be an enormous source of instant support, especially if the people are going through the same experiences and concerns as you. In turn, be sure to help boost other people's resolutions!


  • 考慮參加一個為了特定目標成立的線上社團,例如減重、不吃巧克力或是為了下一次的馬拉松訓練。有一群不論日夜都能聊的朋友會帶給你即時的支持,尤其是有過相同經驗或是有相同目標的朋友。不要忘了鼓舞其他人完成目標作為回報!


8.Review your progress.                                                                                               


Break your resolution down into stages so you can track your progress. Look back after a couple of months and see what you're doing right. Try to fix anything that you're doing wrong. For instance, if your resolution was to go to the gym three evenings a week, perhaps you haven't been sticking to it because you always work late. Try going in the mornings instead. Making a minor adjustment could be the key to success.



9.Build on your resolutions.                                                                                        


When you're doing well at keeping your resolution, you may discover that you are feeling better about other areas of your life too. Going to the gym may lead you to cut out smoking too. Similarly, if you have given up something as part of your resolution, try to find a pleasant and diversionary substitute to keep your mind occupied. Quitting smoking may encourage you to exercise more.





Remember to celebrate your successes, but make sure the way you celebrate doesn't go against your resolution. If you cut down on drinking alcohol, clearly it's best not to reward yourself with a glass of wine. Instead, treat yourself to those shoes you've had your eye on, or tickets to a play you've been dying to see. You deserve it!

  • Keep going. Why stop now when you've done this well? Extend the timeline of your resolution and work it into your everyday routine. By next year, you'll be more than ready to face your next challenge.


  • 繼續保持!當你做得這麼好的時候為什麼要停止呢?延長目標的期限並且讓他變成每天的例行事物吧!等到明年,你會準備得更好來面對你的下一個挑戰。


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