【Wanted】Language Lesson Trial Specialist Recruitment Program


Do you want to experience learning language with professional teachers online?

We create a special plan 『Language Lesson Trial Specialist』for language learning severe enthusiast. Through this special plan, you can experience language teacher’s lesson on AmazingTalker and get scholarship!


—What is Language Lesson Trial Specialist ?—

In order to check for language students all over the world, you can verify the new language teachers on AmazingTalker strictly through your love of language learning. Every teacher needs to be verified by your trial before their teacher profile can be put on teacher wall of AmazingTalker. You can give your real feedback and suggestion, and we will definitely refer to your opinion of teacher for deciding if the teacher can be put on our teacher wall.


—Reward and welfare for Trial Specialist—

1. Based on finishing trial lesson and writing comments and recommended article, you can get USD10-20 coupon on AmazingTalker.  

2. Join the facebook community for Language Lesson Trial Specialist on AmazingTalker, you can communicate with other Language enthusiasts and get the limited special offer for trial specialist only.

3.Beside the welfare mentioned above, AmazingTalker also offer some language learning scholarship for trial specialist from time to time.


—How to conduct the mission—

When a new teacher passed the examination from AmazingTalker, we will pass the case to you for experiencing the first time trial lesson. You only need to complete the trial lesson within the specified time(If the teacher reschedule, trial specialist can postpone the time.)

After completing the trial lesson, you can choose the teacher you truly recommended to write a recommended article. Our staff will check your content and offer you USD10-20 scholarship on AmazingTalker.


—Position Opening for Trial Specialist—

1.English:1~2 people

2.Japanese:1~2 people

3.Spanish:1~2 people

4.Italian:1 person

5.French:1 person

6.German:1~2 people

7.Russian:1 person

8.Korean:1~2 people

9.Vietnamese:1 person

10.Thai:1 person

11.Turkish:1 person

12.Chinese:1 person

**The position aboved is all for non-native speakers only.


—How to apply—

The 1st Stage:Preparation Information

Fill in the Appication Form immediately; we will choose the most suitable candidates.

Application deadline:2017/3/23

The 2nd Stage:Written exam for experiencing trial lesson.

We will send the “trial lesson teacher’s information” of written exam to you. Candidates who passed the 1st stage please follow the information (language teacher) and complete one trial lesson (AmazingTalker will import the lesson into your account).

Please submit your trial experience article before 2017/4/3.

We will announce the recruitting progress on fan page.

Fan page of AmazingTalker


(1)You can apply more than one languages, but you can only apply one language per application form.

(2)In principle, one person is responsible for one language, but if you are really suitable person, we will also choose you to be responsible for more than one language.


—Selection Criteria—

1.1st Stage:The completion of preparation information and time flexibility.

2. 2nd Stage:The content of experience article.

3. Meets the following bonus point.


—Bonus Point—

1.You have experienced the lesson on AmazingTalker(Free trial is also counted, please write it down in your application!)

2.Sharing your experience and frustration of learning language.

3.Your suggestion to AmazingTalker.


Sign up and experience immediately,

Receive the first time free trial and scholarship:https://goo.gl/og5whP



(I)Candidates should cooperate with AmazingTalker at least 3 months, and can complete the trail lessons before deadline.

(II)The Event details are based on AmazingTalker’s announcement, AmazingTalker reserve the right of final explanations.


—Application Time—

1st Stage:Now~2017/3/23

2nd Stage:2017/3/27~2017/4/3


—Application Link—

Application Link:Click and Apply