Teachers Manual 【English version】


Changing the basic functions

When entering the "Course Price" page:

1. Trial Session :
First of all, you could decide if you’re willing to offer free trial class to new users who haven’t taken a class on AmazingTalker.
Secondly, it’s for those old users who take your class for the first time.
(It’s necessary to fill out the price in the blank. )

2. Private Session :
You could set the price of a class, besides, there could be some discounts when buying five or ten classes at a time which would increase the willingness of purchases.


When entering the ‘Account Info’ page, you could click on the ‘New Account Info’ button, and fill out these following information:
The bank name, the bank branch name, the SWIFT CODE, the remitter’s name and account numbers.

On every 15th, we could remit the payment to you via these two means:
1. Paypal
2. Bank ( only for banks in Taiwan)


The procedure of basic charge and courses

step1.  The student buy class and reserve the time
First of all, students would buy your classes and reserve the time. At the same time, you'd receive an email and an SMS on your cellphone. Therefore, please make sure that your email address and cell phone number are correct and well verified.


Step2.   How a teacher finishes/cancels/reschedules a class?
Before the class starts, you could see “coming soon” and “message” button at the page of teacher set.

However, if you want to cancel the class, you could click on the “cancel” button 12 hours before a class.

10 minutes before a class, you would see the button changes from “coming soon” to “go to class”. When you click on the “go to class” button, the system would start to download ZOOM automatically.

After the class ends, remember to click on “complete” button. However, if you have to offer a make-up class because of problems during the class, you could click the “reschedule” button and ask your student to reserve another time.


Step3.   Check the payment details
In the end of every month, remember to check the details at the page of monthly income report in order to make sure that you have completed two classes.
Besides, please make sure if you fill out your account info completely.


Step4.    The final amount of your payment
On 15th next month, you'd revive the payment deducting a 15% fee of service charge, however, the payment would only include the classes you have completed last month.
For example, if you complete three classes in January, and one class on 5th February, you'd only receive the payment of three classes on 15th February.


How to start a class


When a student reserves your classes, you would receive an email at the same time.  Later on, you could enter the « Teacher set » page to check the list of classes.  10 minutes before the class starts, the « Coming soon » button would become « Go To class », and you could enter the classroom to prepare.

教師手冊 (如何授課)2 英-01.jpg

When you are going to start a class for the first time, the system would download « ZOOM » automatically after clicking on the « Go To class » button. However, you could also download it in advance.


After clicking on « download », please click on « Launch Application ».


After finishing downloading, you would enter the classroom where you could click « Test  Computer Mics & Speakers » to check your equipment.


Check your speaker and microphone.

If there’s no problem, you could start the class. Besides, as you click on the « Go To class » button, the system would open Zoom automatically.